Saturday, February 2, 2013


Dear INSANE blog stalker.
Here is my surgery journey in photo.  I am very clearly not making this up.  I checked into my local hospital.  I spent 2 hrs being poked while they tried to get an IV.  I was wheeled into the operating room.  My head, neck, and brain were cut open.  Part of my skull and vertebrae were removed.  my head and necked were stitched and stapled shut.  I threw my guts up repeatedly in post-op.  I spent 2 terrible sick painful days in neuro-icu.  I spent 2 more days on the floor.  I had my stitches dug and ripped out of my head.  I feel the REAL pain from this REAL surgery every day in every aspect of my life.

Here is me and the bear my family made for me in Pre-Op.  I was wheeled back to the OR 10 minutes later.

Here is me in post-op.  I was nauseaus as hell.  They were giving me meds every hr to control the pain and keep me from throwing up.  I kept forgetting to breathe so they kept nudging me and reminding me.

Here is me a few days later after I got onto the neuro floor.  This was one of my first times sitting up.

Here  is my incision a few days after surgery.

incision right around a week after surgery.

my incision the day i got my stitches removed

my incision this morning

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