Saturday, December 29, 2012

quick and brief

Like always it's been a bit since an update.
So much has happened.  December was hectic.  Eli was inpatient 3 times. The first starting to get sick.  The second he had full on RSV.  That was really rough for him to get past.  The 3rd was hickman issues.  At first it wasn't drawing blood, then it wouldn't flush.  They ended up having to surgically remove it and replace it with a different hickman in a different location.  It was a mess of a month.
Eli is also still struggling with absorption issues.  We have had to switch 1 med over to IV and will be switching another over next week.
Eli will be admitted on January 2nd and will get a loading dose of Keppra, followed by regular doses.  He will hopefully go home on Friday assuming there are no issues with his bodies response to the IV Keppra.  We really need to get his keppra levels up.  We are also working on his lovenox levels as we can't seem to get it spot on.
My surgery is on Jan 8th.  A lot of feelings and emotions surrounding all of that. The holidays kept us busy for awhile but the last thing now to focus on is Eli's upcoming admission and my surgery.
I'm not ready and keep trying to talk myself into rescheduling, even though I know that won't help at all.
I will get more updates up before my surgery!

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